Where is Allin Congregrational Church?

Allin Church is at 683 High St. in Dedham, MA. We’re just a block of the square and just 2 miles from exit 37 on I95.

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What time is worship?

Worship begins at 9:45am every Sunday morning and goes until 10:45 or 11am depending on what is happening in worship that morning.

What are your worship services like?

Worship at Allin Church follows a traditional order including the sound of our historic organ and gifts of the voices of our choir.  We stand as we are able to sing hymns and lower our heads in contemplative prayer.  However, we believe that the Word is revelatory and so speaks through our tradition and right into the issues today.  Our prayers regularly including global, national and local issues and the sermon nearly always offers the application of scripture to the current issues of the world. 

How should I dress for worship?

While many folks will dress “business” to “business casual” for worship, we have no dress code and welcome those attending worship to dress however they feel is most comfortable and most appropriate.  Certainly, folks will attend in scrubs and other work related attire having just come off of a shift or just going on.  Our children show up in everything from Boy Scout shirts to baseball uniforms to pajamas.  At Allin worship is about celebrating God’s love for and faith in us as individuals and a community in Christ.  What we wear does not affect our rejoice.

Can I bring my family with me?

Please do!!  We are a family friendly congregation who values the prayers and voices of ALL generations during worship.  While we have both a nursery (including a fully certified attendant) and Sunday School for children to learn, worship and play in developmental ways, all children are welcome to stay in our sanctuary per the judgement of family (including all of their beautiful giggles, cries, slurps and crunching.)  We also have space for wheelchairs and and all accessible, unisex bathroom just steps out of the sanctuary.  And, yes, moms.  You are welcome to nurse your infants in our sanctuary during worship!

Can I take communion?

Yes!  At Allin Church all of those attending are welcome to Christ’s table.  As our welcome statement clearly reads, “questioners, believers, and questioning believers…of all ages, sexual orientations,  and gender identities and expressions.”  Children of all ages are welcome to partake per their parent/guardian’s judgment.  We believe that Jesus loves all people for who they are and where they are in knowing Him.  Coming to the table together can only enhance that love as we share it with one another.

Will I be welcome?

Without a doubt, no matter who you are or where you are on life’s journey, YOU ARE WELCOME HERE.  It is a foundation of the United Church of Christ (our national denomination) and of the Allin Church that all are welcome to worship and seek God through Christ with us.  If you’re still not sure, please consider our welcome statement that can be found here.  We believe that the more diverse we are as a congregation the more powerful our prophetic voice is to the world.  Yes, friend.  You are welcome at Allin.

Have questions we didn't answer?

Don’t hesitate to contact us here at Allin.  Or, better yet, join us for worship this Sunday and see for yourself!  We would be thrilled to meet you and welcome you into our blessed space!




At Allin Congregational Church, we take the Bible seriously, not literally. In the human words of scripture we listen for God’s voice speaking to us in our current circumstances.



Having conviction in our faith and God’s love through Jesus Christ; sharing the grace of this love in every facet of our lives; doing what Jesus would do and what he would want us to do; Living into and through the challenge of this call through humility and prayer; living with personal integrity.



Receiving through giving back; supporting through outreach; encouraging communities to meet their needs and thrive; Giving of time and talents; connecting with the world.



Sharing of ourselves and our faith; living out the grace we have received from God’s love; opening our church family, practice, and worship to the community; Extravagant welcome; supportive community.



Via Route 128 Southbound

Take Exit 17/Route 135, towards Dedham. Continue on Route 135 for approximately 1 mile to the lights (this is the intersection of Route 135/Route 109). Go straight; Allin Church is about 1/8 mile on the left. The church is off-white with green shutters.


Via Route 128 Northbound

Take exit 16A/Route 109 East, towards Dedham. Continue or 3/4 mile. There will be a small green sign with an arrow to the right for Dedham Center. Bear right at the common onto High Street. Allin Church is about 1/8 mile on the left. The church is off-white with green shutters.

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