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Sunday, Nov. 29th @9:45am  – Worship on HOPE
Wednesday, Dec. 2nd  @6:30pm  – Carol Sing in front of the church!
Sunday, Dec. 6th @9:45am   – Worship on PEACE
Wednesday, Dec. 9th  @6:30pm  – Advent Prayer walk (through the sanctuary)
Sunday, Dec. 13th  @9:45pm  – Worship on JOY
Wednesday, Dec. 16th  @6:30pm  – Darkest Night Christmas Service of Lament – CANCELLED DUE TO SNOW
Sunday, Dec. 20th  @9:45am  – Worship of LOVE
Thursday, Dec. 24th @ 5pm – CHRISTMAS EVE SERVICES – Live on Facebook and Zoom

Sunday Worship Service 11/22/20

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To donate or pledge, please CLICK HERE or mail to Allin Church, c/o Lori Purdy, 683 High Street, Dedham, MA  02026

Have you made you pledge yet?  Stewardship Letter and Pledge Sheet

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This weeks service will be LIVESTREAMED on Facebook or Zoom.  Email the office for the Zoom link.  The link will be uploaded to this site after the service.


In loving memory of my dear mother, Katherine Dowling Drew by Ellen Donovan

Stewardship Sunday Worship Service 11/15/20

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CLICK HERE to donate or mail to:  Allin Church, c/o Lori Purdy, 683 High Street, Dedham, MA  02026

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This weeks service will be LIVESTREAMED on Facebook or Zoom.  Email the office for the Zoom link.  The link will be uploaded to this site after the service.


In loving memory of our son Michael A. Kirohn by Marion & Arthur Kirohn

Today is Stewardship Sunday.  Stewardship Letter and Pledge Sheet


Job Posting: Designated Term Director of Children, Youth, and Families Ministry

Job Description:

The CYF Director plans and oversees a rich program of faith formation and fellowship for all youth (infant to 12th grade) and their families who attend Allin Congregational Church. The CYF Director coordinates Christian education offered by the Church, including weekly Sunday School and youth ministry, and works to build strong bonds between children, youth, their families, and the other members of the church community. We are looking for a warm, caring, and energetic individual with a strong Christian faith who is a self-starter. Good administrative, organizational, leadership and ministry skills are essential. The successful candidate will collaborate with the pastor, the Christian Education Committee, and a committed group of volunteers to lead Allin Church’s CYF ministry. At this time, most CYF duties are carried out in a virtual environment, so facility with a variety of online collaboration tools, social media, and software is a must.

Programmatic Duties:

  •  Plan and deliver children and youth faith formation programming, including weekly worship “Children’s Time” activities, Sunday School, and Confirmation Class while adhering to current COVID safety protocol.

  • Provide pastoral care for children, youth and their families in communication with the pastor and actively engage and maintain communication with Allin families about faith formation activities and resources.

  • Administrative duties, including but not limited to communication with appropriate Allin ministries, staff and families, record keeping, etc.

Required qualifications:

  • Commitment to the Christian faith and to fostering a safe and supportive community for kids and families of all backgrounds and abilities to deepen their relationship with God.

  • Ability to relate to children and youth in a personable and engaging manner.

  • Degree, course work, and/or experience in Christian education, faith formation, or related field.

  • Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to be a team player, work well with volunteers and staff, and effectively manage conflict.

  • Fluency in basic digital and social media platforms such as Google (docs, Hangout, etc), Facebook, Instagram, Zoom, etc.

  • Eligible to work in the United States.

  • Required to submit to a criminal background check through Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) system for the state of Massachusetts.

Overall Position Time Commitments:

12-15 hours/week, $18-25/hr, commensurate with experience.

Designated term: ASAP through Sunday, June 20, 2020.

 Please email resume and brief cover letter with the email subject line “CYF Director.”

 Location: Allin Congregational Church, UCC

 Contact: Elizabeth McNamee

 Address: 683 High St. Dedham MA 02026

 Email: moc.liamg@eemancmzile

Stewardship Sunday is November 15th (3)



Dear Beloved,

As you know, Autumn is “Stewardship Season” at Allin Church! In step with leaves falling and the air becoming cooler, our worship typically includes testimonies of faith and hope both of which are planted and nourished through the ministry, programing and community of this church. We tell our stories as reasons for giving back to the church -committing ourselves as stewards, if you will, of this institution, its community, and our outward ministry as God’s divine grace to Dedham.

This year, however, has been very different than any other year! By directive of the state and in caution and care for our community, on March 13th we closed and locked our doors for what we thought at the time might be a couple of weeks, while we waited for this virus to pass us by. And as we did we smiled hope at one another saying, “See you at Easter!” Easter came and went, though, as did Mother’s Day and then the program year. We jumped into digital worship and some of us didn’t, imagining this too would pass, and we watch each week as the virus did not pass.

It has been nearly 8 months and we are only now realizing that what we thought were temporary changes have become semi permanent. And so we grieve: the loss of seeing one another regularly, the loss of know each other – our stories and trials, the loss of participating in the life of the church. For some, I imagine it feels as if March 13th was the day the church closed.

I can assure you, however, that that is not the case, and in fact, these past months we’ve been busy doing the work of Christ now, maybe more than ever – though our ministry and discipleship looks a bit different than it did! Since March your deacons have put in overtime organizing and helping plan worship, attending to the social needs of the community of Dedham and connecting in around our new Director of Music, Andrew Welch. Prudential members have met regularly to write and rewrite our COVID safe guidelines, attend to the needs of our church buildings, and communicate around budget growth and need. Music ministry made some very difficult decisions this summer regarding our music program and then hired Andrew Welch to lead us into this new world of digital worship. Pastoral Relations has been checking in on me and you insuring communication stays healthy. Christian Education has been busy building up a search process for a director who will help us reclaim our children and youth programs in the social distanced, digital era of the church.

As your pastor, I have made every attempt to stay atop new worship styles and technology while representing Dedham Clergy on several newly formed task forces including the Dedham COVID Relief Task Force and several efforts to address racial inequity creating opportunity for education and action around antiracism work. And in the in-betweens, I have spent too much time memorializing and burying your loved ones and those of the greater Dedham community.

Stewardship, too… has been researching what “Stewardship Season” might look like when we cannot gather, communicating with our conference and local UCC representatives and imagining how we might know and be God’s love into and through 2021.

In short, Allin Church as actively doing the work of Christ and has been with the energy and faith of true Christian disciples. We are committed to continuing our ministry into next year and we hope that you will join us with your financial pledges and donations. Making a financial commitment to this church and its ministry no long necessarily means heating the building and paying for grounds maintenance but instead continuing Allin’s presence in and care for Dedham residents during this frightening, economically challenging, emotionally damaging, and socially and politically divisive time. Yes, the church needs your pledge or donation for 2021 but the down of Dedham needs your support for this institution also – now more than ever.

Friends, in the past 8 months we have humbly made our mark in this town and I have no doubt our presence, advocacy, leadership, and charity are essential to the spirit, soul, and stability of the residents of Dedham. Please consider making a generous pledge or donation to our faithful efforts!


Rev. Cheryl Kerr

Celebration of Welcome (for Andrew) 11/8/20 Worship Service

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CLICK HERE to donate or mail to:  Allin Church, c/o Lori Purdy, 683 High Street, Dedham, MA  02026

Click here for Nov82020 Bulletin

This weeks service will be LIVESTREAMED on Facebook or Zoom.  Email the office for the Zoom link.  The link will be uploaded to this site after the service.


In loving memory of our son Michael A. Kirohn by Marion & Arthur Kirohn

My dear family,
What a difference a week makes!
Last week I wrote to you about snow (remember those 5 inches that fell last week?) and this week we’re in shorts enjoying 70 degrees.  Last week I along with other clergy, lay leadership, town leadership, and law enforcement were preparing for potentially violent reactions from our election process and today we are taking a deep breath, calling for unity and praying for calm.
Friends, regardless of whether you are coming to worship ecstatic for change or with concern for changing national policies, we as people of Christ can come together in hope for new beginnings.  I think we can all agree that the divisiveness across this nation was ripping the very fabric of unity this country was founded on – a unity, by the way, that came straight out of the Congregational Church playbook.  To include every voice in decision making, to insure that as many people as possible can participate in the process, and to hope in a destiny that is based in freedom for all of humankind was the dream of our forefathers.  While we realize today that people of color and women were (often violently) excluded from the original vision, by our faith founded participation in the evolution of this vision, we can ensure that this country’s dream is finally on track to be realized.
This is a commitment we make as Christians – one that holds firm regardless of this country’s leadership: that we “do justice, know mercy, and walk humbly with our God.”
In other news, we are SO VERY EXCITED to welcome Andrew to Allin Church!  This Sunday is Andrew’s official FIRST Sunday with us so I invite you all to wish him well and welcome him to our community.  Andrew has hit the ground running as he and I have already met to discuss Advent and how we might bring the miracle and hope of Christmas to Allin Church despite the pandemic and our inability to safely worship together.


All Saints Sunday Worship Service 11/1/20

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CLICK HERE to donate or mail to:  Allin Church, c/o Lori Purdy, 683 High Street, Dedham, MA  02026

Click here for the November 1, 2020 Bulletin

This weeks service will be LIVESTREAMED on Facebook or Zoom.  Email the office for the Zoom link.  The link will be uploaded to this site after the service.


In memory of Anne & Ben Unda by Elizabeth Unda.

Allin family and friends!

Blessings upon blessings for all of you on this first Sunday of November that actually feels like February!
I mean, I do love snow.  And how beautiful it was quietly falling all day, changing the view outside with every minute.  And then, early Saturday morning, as the sun slid just above the treeline lighting up the yellow and orange leaves just under the shimmering snow, all of it before the backdrop of a bright blue sky.  It was heaven and hope and joy all at the same time.
… but also it’s barely November.  And I still haven’t gone through the winter gear to see what will fit whom for this winter season.  And we only have 5 gloves… in 5 different colors.
The joy and oddity of an October snow allowed for a bit of joy and breathing in the midst of election energy – both fearful and excited.  By this time next week things will be different – and then will be just the same.  The world will see change (regardless of the election outcome) and yet we will still show up, gather in the name of love -in the name of Christ.  The nation will reel and we will still gather to worship God – a God of hope, a God of peace, a God of love.
If I can offer any words of care for this upcoming week it is to let go of political based loyalties and fears and take hold of Christ, the head of God’s creation and all that we’ve made of this world.  Seek out a Jesus of Love and hold tight to that loyalty even as the world spins and tosses, angles and threatens.
…for the water is about to get very rough and those aboard the boat will be crying out for our lives.  But if we can just have faith in the only one among us that fears nothing and has the ability not to win over the sea, but instead to calm it.
Take hold of Jesus and let his love guide us through the storm.  And by your hope lead others to unity.
Peace Vigils will be held 3 evenings in a row:  Nov. 2nd, Nov. 3rd, and Nov. 4th.  And they will be held on the front lawn of Allin Church for the greatest space and visibility.  Already St. Paul’s Epicopal, St. Susanna’s, and First Church and Parish have committed to joining this movement.  I know we can too!  Conversation has just started around this effort so keep an eye out this week for more news and information!
Grab some bread and juice for worship this Sunday.  We’ll come together at the Communion table towards the end of worship.
**.IN OTHER NEWS… NOV. 8TH WELCOME ANDREW WELCH!!  We will be welcoming Andrew formally into our Allin Church family.  Please plan to attend our zoom Worship (and call the office at 781-326-5050 if you need help with Zoom!) and invite your friends and neighbors!
Just a couple more announcements:
**STEWARDSHIP SUNDAY:  November 15th
We are called to share God’s love.  In the United Church of Christ we respond to that call by embracing the three great loves:  Love of children,  Love of neighbor, Love of Creation.  Please join us in the weeks to come while we consider our church, the amazing and unprecedented changes we’ve faced.  Read and hear the stories of those who love this church and believe in God’s call for us to continue our faith and ministry even as the world writhes in suffering from death, illness, conflict, and fear.  Let us join our hearts and our hopes for our community as we renew our own spiritual, physical, and financial commitments.  Beloved, Love!
**PEACE VIGIL SERVICE:   Wed. November 4th 
at 6pm in front of the Allin Church
– byo mask, a chair if you think you’ll need it or would like it, and dress warmly!
EVERY Thursday mornings 9:45-10:45am
Look for the ZOOM link in your email inbox on Thursday morning after 9am 
This is a “user-friendly” bible study that encourages wondering in the place of telling and teaching.
Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow morning at 9:45am!
Pastor Cheryl