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Summer Sunday School Resources

First, two apps (full disclosure, I cringe at sending you things that would increase kids’ screen time, but perhaps these are good uses of a screen?):


Bible for Kids app – for younger kids.  Kids can navigate to different Bible stories, listen to the story, then complete a fun game or activity.


Kid’s Bible Experience (inside the YouVersion Bible App – enable the ‘Kids Bible Experience’ in settings) – daily vlog type devotional geared at pre-teens and younger teens.  Includes some push toward self reflection and applying scripture to your own experience.  I think you can set this up for daily notifications/reminders.


This is based on an audubon site in New Hampshire, but Massachusetts has a large number of Audubon sites that would serve just as well  (

Sunday Worship Service 7/19/20

Here is today’s service.  A couple of things to look out for —
The piano behind the Prayers piece is being played by none other than our own Stacy Hou!
Pastor Cheryl has included a short call/response liturgy in the Invocation.  Follow along in the Bulletin.    You’re invited to speak the “People” line in bold!
Join us for a ZOOM fellowship and prayer at 10:15am.  Email the office for the link:

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Suggested Worship Services 7/5/20 & 7/12/20

Pastor Cheryl is on VACATION!  Here are her suggested worship sites (Click the underlined church names to go directly to their website)

Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago anytime Sunday morning

Rev. Otis Moss III is a powerful speaker and preaches to a mostly black congregation. This is an opportunity to hear the gospel through the lens of a people in crisis.  Bonus, Rev. Moss is a magnificent speaker/preacher!

Rev. Anna Flowers is a dynamic preacher who is courageous in faith. The congregation demographic is very similar to Allin’s so this will feel a bit like home.  Also Rev. Anna is a close friend and colleague! (scroll down to bottom of page for worship link)

Hancock Church, UCC at 10am

In Lexington, MA, this church has been live streaming their service to local broadcasting for decades.  Their entire worship happens in their sanctuary so this will appeal to those of you who miss the church!  The link here goes to their website.  If you scroll all the way to the bottom there’s a link to livestream.

So… shameless plug: I grew up in this church.  But the MUSIC AND ORGAN ARE OUTSTANDING so if you love a good organ (which of course we all do) this is the service for you. You can find their worship (live streamed from the church sanctuary) on GRCC’s FaceBook page here.


CLICK HERE to donate or mail to:  Allin Church, c/o Lori Purdy, 683 High Street, Dedham, MA  02026

Sunday School Activities for 6/21/20

Hello, Allin Parents! Happy Summer! Below is our last “official” Sunday School lesson until the fall. I have had a blast curating activities and ideas for you over the last few months – I hope these lessons have been as fun for you to do as they were for me to put together. That said, even though it is summer, I will continue to send activities and resources to assist you in nurturing your kids’ relationship with God and Jesus. I think summer can be a great time to grow “faith skills” – the pace is generally slower and your kids typically have more free time (especially this summer!) to connect with God in ways that make sense to them.

Wishing you all the best for a long, fun summer,


Learn about and celebrate Juneteenth! June 19, or Juneteenth, is a holiday that commemorates the day that Texas, the last Confederate state, learned about the Emancipation Proclamation—marking the end of legal slavery in the United States in 1865.

For little kids:

[Parents, Consider reading this excellent article about talking to children about Juneteenth. It’ll take about 5 minutes:]

Watch the Read Aloud Juneteenth for Mazie:

Why do we celebrate Juneteenth? If you were great-great-great grandpa Mose, how do you think you would have felt when you heard you were free? How might you have acted?

For older kids:

Watch this short film describing Juneteenth and its significance.–E

Ask: Have you heard of Juneteenth before? If yes, when and where? Is it something you already celebrate with your family and your community?

What does it mean to be free? Are there people who are not truly free in the U.S.? In what ways? How do you think Jesus would react (aka What Would Jesus Do/WWJD)?

A follow-up activity to consider:

Plan a small Juneteenth Party with your family (it is okay if it is not on June 19). Find reliable, unbiased sources on the internet to research traditional foods, activities, and other traditions associated with Juneteenth. Share the history of the holiday with your family. Put Juneteenth on your calendar for next year.

[Here are some ideas:]