Who We Are

Our mission at Allin Church is to nurture our own faith journey and that of the members of our community by practicing love, seeking justice, and humbly recognizing the saving grace that is Jesus Christ, our Way, our Truth, our Life.




At Allin Congregational Church, we take the Bible seriously, not literally. In the human words of scripture we listen for God’s voice speaking to us in our current circumstances.



Having conviction in our faith and God’s love through Jesus Christ; sharing the grace of this love in every facet of our lives; doing what Jesus would do and what he would want us to do; Living into and through the challenge of this call through humility and prayer; living with personal integrity.



Receiving through giving back; supporting through outreach; encouraging communities to meet their needs and thrive; Giving of time and talents; connecting with the world.



Sharing of ourselves and our faith; living out the grace we have received from God’s love; opening our church family, practice, and worship to the community; Extravagant welcome; supportive community.

All Are Welcome

We welcome long-time church-goers and those with no church home. We applaud believers, questioners, and questioning believers. We celebrate our diversity as persons of every age and size, color, culture or race, and physical and mental ability. We embrace singles and partners of every sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression. We welcome individuals of every economic status, from every neighborhood or no neighborhood, and people with any differences, real or perceived.

In a world where so much divides us, our unity is in Christ.  Whoever you are, you are fully welcome into the life and ministry of Allin Congregational Church.  This is a place where you can worship with dignity, celebrate and mourn, rejoice and recover.  A place where lives are made new.  Know that here, you will not be judged.  In the name of God, we welcome you.


Our History

Allin Church, named after its first pastor, the Rev. John Allin, was founded as one of the oldest congregations in New England.  First gathered in November of 1638 as one church with, what is now, First Church UUA, our joint history runs back to the Puritans who came to the new land in pursuit of religious freedom.  In 1818, as an out growth of the rapidly increasing diversity of religious and political opinion among New England Congregationalists, the more conservative membership of the First Parish Church of Dedham (as it was called at that time) moved their meetings across the street to the former house of Jason Haven, a former pastor of the original united church.

As the Allin Congregation grew the Haven house became inadequate and, in 1819 a smaller version of the current building was constructed. The sanctuary was built, minus the bell tower which was added later. Over the course of decades more additions were added to accommodate the needs of a growing congregation, the most recent of which being the Bullard St entrance including an elevator to make us all accessible.


Rev. Chris Lyman Waldron

Interim Minister

Andrew Welch

Director of Music

Jane Hayes

Church Administrator

Lori Purdy

Administrative Assistant

John Fontaine

Church Sexton