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Sunday Worship Service 6/20/21 – Good bye Pastor Cheryl

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Dear Church,

My goodness, what can I say?  It’s been nearly 13 years of worship and action and mission and learning and faith-building and caretaking.  So many new babies, born and baptized.  So many of our beloved friends and members memorialized and interred.  Together we’ve raised dozens of children, shared even more meals, carried each other through crises and showed up for one another to celebrate.
And then there was that time I danced joyfully around the organ wearing a long, blond wig…
We have assuredly made some great memories together.  We’ve etched this time into the long history of the Allin Church and nothing can erase it.
Tomorrow we will say good-bye, putting a period on this era, opening space for all that the next will hold.  Thank you – every single one of you! – for all that you’ve given to this church by your faith.  Thank you, for your patience and forgiveness when I’ve come up short on expectations.  Thank you, for your support when my family required a greater share of my energy and thank you for stepping up to fill in while I attended to them.  Thank you for trusting me with your deepest fears and concerns. Thank you for loving one another, for loving this church, for loving God.  Thank you for these past 12+ years of friendships, shared confidences, joys, and growths.
You will always be my first call to ministry which puts you in a very special place in my heart.  And I can’t imagine anyone else taking that place.
Tomorrow – Sunday – we will say good-bye.  Please let’s hug or bow (per your health needs).  Let’s thank one another and let’s cry and laugh together.  Let’s eat cake and tiny sandwiches and share silly and serious stories.  And when the crowds clear and it’s time to go home, may we remember that these memories will always be with us whether our paths cross some day in the future or not.  I can confidently say that you all have formed me to be the minister that I am today and I will always remember that.
I love you all and CANNOT WAIT to see you tomorrow!


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