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Second Sunday after Pentecost Worship 6/6/21

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Dear Church,

Welcome to JUNE!  Just weeks from the beginning of Summer, the end of the school year, and the time when New Englanders TAKE. A. BREAK.  

And this year, as COVID regulations are lifted and groups are allowed to gather; as masks slowly get pulled and hugs cautiously come back into fashion I’m sure you’re looking forward as much as I am.  

But also, for Allin Church, there is a space of unknown.  We are pregnant with questions about the future of the church:  who will lead us?  What will we become?  What will church look like?  What about our children?  Yes, we’re tired and burned out from survival but also we’re anxious about this “new thing” that is before us.  

How do we go forward?  Some of you are jumping into the anxiety with lists and plans and schedules.  Others are running away because all of life is unwritten at this point and new anxiety is certainly not welcome.  

What I know, however, is that no matter our running or our planning, it is not our efforts that will bring out this new thing.  It is not our fear, sleepless nights, or even waiting on a sign of greater stability.  

 Because, it is not OUR new thing that is happening right now but GOD’s new thing.  And NOTHING can separate us from the love of God through Christ Jesus.  Not a single thing.

So. In the weeks ahead, as we share in memories and recall all that we’ve done together; as we wonder about what will come next, let’s be sure we are following GOD’s lead and not that of our fear.  Let’s trust that God has never stopped loving us, never stopped having faith in the good work of this centuries old church, never stopped hoping for our faithful discipleship.  

In the weeks ahead, let’s celebrate!  Let’s love one another and LOVE this amazing church!  And, in doing so, we will be loving God.

***. Just a couple of notes:  I will not be here next Sunday, June 13th.  Please show up anyway.  Come to church or to Zoom and be the Body of Christ.  Sunday, June 20th is my final Sunday with you all and we have ALL THE THINGS planned.  So mark your calendars and, especially if I haven’t had the chance to say good-bye, please join us for worship and for the party I hear is happening afterwards!

All my love and see you Sunday!



PS… attached is the Allin Church COVID safe re-opening guidelines!


Behind the church at 5:30pm by our beautifully blooming garden.  Bring a chair, a mask, and yourself!  We will have readings, prayers, music and each other (Weather permitting).  See you then!
** CUPPA FAITH FORMATION – every Thursday @ 9:45am
Join us for casual conversation, reading the scripture for the coming Sunday, and a safe space to wonder about faith and  each of our individual relationships with God.

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