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Pastor’s Message:

Dear Church,
We have now entered the season of Lent, a time of turning towards God and therefore away from that which keeps us disconnected to the divine.  This has been a challenging 12 months to say the least and many of us have seen our physical, emotional and mental health wain.  At the same time, there is hope at the far reaches of our sight: vaccines are becoming more accessible and there’s talk of institutions reopening.
Throughout the season of Lent, we will be making a journey from brokenness to wholeness by contemplating the symbol of broken sea glass to be specific. An unknown author has said this about the glass fragments that are collected on various shores:

“Ordinary pieces of tableware or beer or soda bottles are flung into the ocean. Years pass, or decades, and then one day, there it is upon the shore: a small shard from one of those long ago discarded objects. Shifting currents have rounded its edges; abrasion has polished its surface; exposure to the sun has altered its hue. And so, when we happen upon it, here amidst the shells and seaweed, we can’t help but laugh with joy at what seems a miracle: this ordinary fragment of silica that time and adversity have transformed into something beautiful.”

Time and adversity… making something beautiful out of that which, once seen as ordinary and broken, is now considered a transformed and precious piece. This is the journey we undertake. Jesus attended to those considered ordinary, broken, even those deemed unworthy. No matter what, Jesus is the lover of our souls.

Let’s make this commitment to Lent together, for ourselves, for the sake of the whole.
**LENT DEVOTIONALS!  Beginning the first full week of Lent I will offer 3 opportunities each week to connect to God through scripture and reflection.
   1) Tuesdays, 9:30am – Facebook Live and then on YouTube by noon.  Join me for scripture and a short reflection.
   2) Wednesdays, by 10am – a written devotional that will go out through email and focuses on a single verse from the following Sunday’s gospel reading.
   3) Thursdays, Cuppa Faith Formation at 9:45am where we read the scripture for the following Sunday and wonder about meaning and message. Check your inbox by 9am Thursday morning for the Zoom link.

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