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Children’s Activities for 5/3/20

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Read Psalm 23 (https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Psalm+23&version=NRSV).

Start with this story:

A grandfather wanted to teach his grandson about Psalm 23 and what it means to him. This is the story the grandfather told his grandson.

“Think of the five fingers on your left hand.

Showing his grandson how to do it, the man gripped his thumb and said, “That stands for The. That’s a strong beginning.

Next, your index finger stands for the word Lord. Grasping his index finger, the man told the boy to ponder the goodness and grace of the Lord Jesus, who loves him.

Touching his longest finger, the man said, “This finger stands for the word, is. The Lord is alive and here with you right now, in the present.”

And the fourth finger stands for the fourth word in the verse: my. A wedding ring on the fourth finger, after all, reminds us of the personal and exclusive relationship we have with the one we love.

And the little finger–the pinky stands for shepherd. When you come to the end of your hand, or to the end of any task, even to the end of life, you find the Shepherd still there, abiding always.”

For younger kids:

Outline each child’s hand on a piece of paper that is NOT white (doesn’t really matter which, but I would suggest brown construction paper). Ask the child to write the word corresponding to each finger on that finger (i.e. “The” on the thumb, “Lord” on the index finger). Cut out the hand, then turn it to the opposite side. Using cotton balls or white circles of paper, make a sheep that looks something like this (googly eye optional): https://healthymamainfo.com/2013/05/handprint-sheep-craft/

For older kids:

Using the attached files, either color the patterned hand or create your own complex pattern on the blank hand using black ink and coloring it in. When you are done, cut out the hand and write the words from the story on the back of the finger it belongs to (i.e. “The” on the back of the thumb, “Lord” on the back of the index finger). If you don’t have a printer, you can also outline your hand on a blank sheet of paper and fill it in with color and pattern, then cut it out. This works especially well using card stock weight paper.


The credit for the finger story goes to Better Bible Teachers and Robert J. Morgan (https://betterbibleteachers.com/2017/09/this-one-trick-is-all-you-need-to-explain-the-power-of-psalm-23-to-your-sunday-school-kids/). Also, the file I’m using is actually for Indian mehndi, which has an amazing and rich history of its own. Look up “mehndi” on Google images to see some amazing art!



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