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September Message from Lindsay

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Allin Church cares about growing faithful Christians who know that God loves them and who know that they have a purpose in this world.

 This year, our Sunday school programming for kids will continue to be designed with kids of all ages in mind. Every Sunday, our kids will have opportunities for play, art, hearing sacred stories from the Bible, music (sometimes singing, sometimes playing handbells), and prayer. Doing Sunday School like this is proven to deepen kids’ engagement with church, encourage them to see themselves as wise and beloved, and to help them develop a faith that will stick with them for their whole lives. We’ll continue to have a nursery for our youngest ones, youth group for our middle and high schoolers, and opportunities for adults to grow in their faith.

Is there something this church could be doing that we aren’t yet? Would it help your family if we had Sunday school at a different time (a Sunday afternoon? A Wednesday evening? Anything is possible!) Would having times where parents can do some learning/discussion while kids do their own thing be helpful? What about a midweek dinner? Monthly parties? What can this church be doing to nurture your family’s faith all week long? Lindsay would love to hear from you, any time ( or on her cell at 423-863-8251).

Because having people of all ages engaged in worship is what makes us a strong community, we’ll have more intergenerational services throughout the year. During these services, the kids will help tell the scripture story, lead the prayers, and share other gifts of theirs.

It’s so important to the health of our community that people of all ages come to these services, so our young people and our adults can build relationships and learn to understand and respect each other.

 Intergenerational Service Dates:

  • September 30
  • November 4
  • December 16 (Christmas Pageant!)
  • January 13
  • ….more in the spring!

Mark your calendars!

With you in God’s love,     Lindsay


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